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This Dad blog chronicles the emotional roller coaster of youth sports in America.

The young athletes provide most of action on the field, court or pitch, but there's always lots of action, drama and comedy coming from the fans, parents, coaches, umpires and refs both on and off the field.

My two kids will play in about 250 games over the next 12 months so I will surely see and hear many funny, crazy, sad and spectacular things.

I've seen:

The GOOD - a courageous kid, who was recovering from a devastating brain injury, compete in a golf tournament with one arm.
The BAD - a dad run on to a soccer field to chase down a ref for a beat down. Luckily the ref was faster than the irate dad.
The UGLY - two moms get stinking drunk at a little league baseball game and then proceed to tear each other's clothes off while they traded punches and hair pulls.

You will see and hear what I experience this coming year. It promises to be interesting. I will also try to give advice from my experience.



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