Friday, April 16, 2010

Youth Soccer: Hey Lady Be Kind to the Ref.

Crazy Parents of Youth Sports Series

My friend, Bart is a coach. He coaches hockey, soccer and lacrosse. Prior to each season, he sends an email to the parents to outline his coaching philosophy that emphasizes fun, player development and sportsmanship.

Last year's introductory email prior to the soccer season was no different. He set the expectations for the kids in terms of playing time, positions and sportsmanship. He also made it very clear that he expected the parents to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. He encouraged them to be loud in a positive, encouraging and uplifting way. And he strongly discouraged them from criticizing the referees.

During the first game of the season, Bart heard one of the parents relentlessly riding the ref. Due to the noise of several games being played around him and the glare of the morning sun, Bart didn't know who was yelling at the ref, but he wanted it to stop.

He called his wife on the far sidelines to help him out. She picked up the phone and said, "Sorry, I'll Stop."

The Main Point

When you send an email note to your parents, cc your spouse.


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