Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buying Your Kid's First Baseball Glove. Make it Memorable.

My daughter's coach will not let my daughter play with her current glove because it is too small. So we she needed to get her a new glove.

My wife took my daughter to Dick's Sporting Goods. If you want to know the truth, I was kind of bummed about this. I consider baseball glove buying a dad thing. I was so excited when I brought my oldest son to buy his first glove and I also vividly remember the first glove buying experience with my other kids. It is not that my wife cannot pick out the right glove. It has nothing to do with gender. I fondly remember when my dad took me to buy my first Rawlings glove. When my kids remember back, I selfishly want to be a part of the memory.

My daughter tried on every glove in the store. She settled on a black and pink Mizuno glove for $35. She needs to use the glove immediately, so the new glove had to be pre-broken it. This glove fit perfectly, was very soft and pliable, was the right color and was only $35. We will buy her a good glove when she is fully grown. I will review the glove in a few weeks in the comment section.

The Main Point

The experience of buying your kid's first baseball glove may be a life long memory for you and your kid. Take your time and make it more than a transaction, make it an experience.

Here is the info on the glove from Mizuno

Perform at your best with the exceptional Mizuno® 11.5" Finch Pink Prospect glove. The superior design features multiple technologies to have the advantage in the game. Mizuno's® exclusive ParaShock™ palm pad absorbs the shock of repeated use providing outstanding protection and ideal comfort. The Power Close® makes it easier for younger players to close the glove and catch the ball.


  • 11.5" fastpitch pattern
  • Diagonal Tartan Web
  • Double hinge heel creates a larger pocket
  • Power Lock™ closure provides the quickest and most secure fit available
  • Surefit™ foam adds cushioning along the back of the fingers for a more customized fit
  • Double Hinge Heel™ design creates an extra wide pocket for a secure catch
  • V-Flex Notch™ helps initiate easy closure

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  1. This glove served my daughter very well. We would recommend it for an entry level player U8, U9 and U10.




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