Sunday, April 18, 2010

Youth Sport: Preventing Foot Pain

My son's baseball coach is a freak about uniforms. Last year we had over 72 different possible combinations of uniforms. We had a cardinal jersey, a blue jersey. yellow jersey, a grey vest, a white vest, grey pants, white pants, card stirrup socks and blue stirrup socks. We also had a blue hat, a cardinal hat, a yellow hat and a white hat. Before each game we would get an email with the uniform combination. One pair of black baseball cleats was issued by the team.

Foot health is very important and proper fitting shoes is vital to foot health. This the team issued Mizuno 9-spike franchise mid G5 cleats to the team. These are an entry level type cleats. As such, they do not have great arch support or cushioning. My son was complaining of foot pain recently, so we went out an bought Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotics inserts. My son played 4 games in them and loves them.

The Main Point

If you are going to buy an entry level cleat and your kid has foot pain, buy a proper shoe insert for proper arch support and cushioning.


  1. My advice is to make sure that the feet are well protected with shoes and paddings. If pain persists, consult a podiatrists.

  2. Your team is just like Oreagon




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