Saturday, April 24, 2010

Johnson is a Perfect Name for a Snake

If my daughter does not get a college scholarship for soccer, softball or basketball, we have a backup plan. STACKER and EBAY.

Stacker is a video game found in bars and restaurants. Each game costs $1.00. The object of the game is to stack video boxes on top of each other. If you stack 8 boxes high you earn a small prize. According to my kids, this is fairly easy to do. If you get to 8 boxes, you can end the game and take a small prize or you can try for the big prize by stacking 10 boxes. This is very difficult to do, but the reward is huge. The prizes for stacking 10 high usually consists of Flip Cameras, Ipods or Garmin GPSs.

We went out for a family dinner at a local restaurant last night. I gave my daughter CC and my son Nic $3 each to play games while we waited for the food. CC played Stacker and each time bypassed the small prize for a chance to win a purple 8G iPod Nano with a Video Camera (Retail Price $159). She came up short each time. Nic played a racing game and kept getting an extended play. His money lasted much longer than CC's. Nic gave CC his last dollar. She said, "thanks, I'll win you an iPod." CC went back to Stacker while Nic raced on. About a minute later, CC handed him an iPod. This was the 3rd iPod she has won this year. She has given each one away because she already has an 8G iPod Nano. She loves the challenge and she loves to give.

She paid $4 for a $!59 iPod. If he can do this consistently, she can make some serious money on EBay for college.

We sat down to dinner and I told the kids about Nic's first carnival game win. When Nic was 5, we took him to an arcade in the New York, New York Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. We played all kinds of video games. As we were leaving, he saw the claw game and wanted to play. I tried to tell, him from extensive experience, that that game was a total waste of money. I told him that no one ever wins.  He said, "I'll win."

I gave him his my last dollar. He went over, positioned the claw over an orange snake. He dropped the claw, grabbed the snake and dropped the snake into the collection shoot. He came over to me and said, "See dad." I said, "I'll never doubt you again." He then said probably, "I am going to name my snake Johnson." We could not hold back the laughter as we told him that that was a very apropos.

The Main Point

Confidence leads to success. And Johnson is a good name for a snake.


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