Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Should Girls be Allowed to Play on Boys Teams (Part Two)

Should Girls Play on Boys Teams Series

There is a 12 year old girl from Plant City Florida named Chelsea Baker who plays on a boys baseball team. Should she be allowed?

The criteria from the last post:
Can she compete with the boys? Yes - Chelsea Baker can most definitely compete.
Will the experience develop her skills? This experience is making her a better player.
Will the experience build her confidence or erode it? She seems pretty confident to me.
Will she be prepared if her boy teammates do not treat her as a teammate? I assume the boys on Chelsea's team are thrilled to have a great pitcher on the team.
Will she be prepared if the coach does not treat her the same way as the boys? From the Tampa Bay Online article - it seems like the coach is a big fan of Chelsea's.

Chelsea Baker just pitched her second career perfect game. She struck out 16 of 18 JR Farm boys with a fastball, curveball and a nasty knuckleball.

Tampa Bay Online: Plant City girl, 12, pitches second perfect Little League game

Here is a website dedicated to Girls Playing Baseball; Girls Play Baseball

The Main Point

Talent should dictate not gender.

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