Youth Sports Costs

For years, I was spending money on youth sports with little thought of how much I was spending. After the 2009 season, I became curious to know how much, so I started to keep track. I know that there were many other parents spending blindly too, so I thought that I would make my list public to give others perspective. I also posted these lists to generate conversation. And I succeeded in that regard.

These lists were a topic in Mark Hyman's book "The Most Expensive Game in Town," it's a book I recommend to any parent who spends a significant amount of money on youth sports and wants to know 1) what drives this irrational behavior, 2) who is profiting and 3) is it good or bad for our kids.


Club Volleyball Fees $2,000
Volleyball spirit wear $73
Hotel in Nashville (Volleyball Tournament) $350
Food in Nashville (Volleyball Tournament) $130
Rental Car in Nashville (Volleyball Tournament) $270
Clothes in Nashville ^ (Volleyball Tournament) $170
Hotel in Louisville (Volleyball Tournament) $100
Food in Louisville (Volleyball Tournament) $60
Club Soccer Spring Fees $671
Soccer cleats - Adidas $40
Soccer Shorts - $20
Physical Therapy - $320
Hotel Louisville - (Volleyball Tournament) $129
Food in Louisville (Volleyball Tournament) $110
Parking (Volleyball Tournament) $8
Volleyball Shoes (Asics) $84

Admission Fees running total $75
Gas running total* (2700 miles) $378.20

Grand Total $4,987.20

* Based on 25 miles per gallon and $3.50 per gallon - through Feb 26
^ Read the post Crazy Volleyball Weekend, Crazy Money Spent.


Admission Fees (Running total) $265
Physical Therapy (Running Total) Co-Pay $75
Putter (Rossa White Ghost) $159
5 Sessions with personal coach (baseball) $250
Baseball Metal Cleats (Nike Swingman) $90
Baseball Turf Shoes (Ignite II Under Amour) $60
Baseball Glove (Wilson A2000 Limited Edition) $250
Spring / Summer AAU Basketball Fees $495
Spring Soccer Fees $100
Soccer Trip (Columbus) $215
Baseball Glove Restinging $28
Mouth Guard(s) (Shock Doctor) $30
Condo Baseball Tournament $1,600
Condo Basketball Tournament $720
Baseball Fees (Second round) $500
Tennessee Baseball Trip* $460
Girls CYO Basketball Fees $150
Boys CYO Golf Fees $150
Pre-owned golf clubs (Ping Eye2 Irons) $120
Pre-owned golf club (Ping R15 Driver) $175
Callaway Golf Bag $100
Airline Tickets (Travel Tournament) $1,250
Gas to date $912
College Conference Challenge Trip* $385
Puma Goalie Gloves $55
Nike Labron Basketball Shoes for CC $119
Nations Baseball Premier Nat'l Championship Trip Excluding Condo paid previously $850
Soccer Fees $550
Golf Glove and Balls $40
Boys Fall Basketball Fees $150
Goalie Shorts and Shirts $84
Nike Jordan Independence Day Shoes $80 - my son paid the difference.
Doctor / MRI for Elbow $150
Personal Trainer $500
Personal Trainer (Batting) $350
Personal Trainer (Throwing) $350

Total $11,704


Baseball Fees^ $1,800

Soccer Fees $ 250
Baseball Trip to Tennessee* $ 315
Volleyball (Wilson AVP) $ 15
Soccer ball (Adidas) $ 15
House Rental (Cooperstown) $1,000
Admission Fees (Running total) $277
Softball Bat (Mattingly V-Force) $70
Softball Equipment Bag (Addidas) $20
(2) Softballs (Wilson) $9
Softball Socks (Umbro) $6
Softball Cleats (Adidas) $38
Pitching Trainer / Rebounder (Adidas) $70 (Reviewed)
Session with Hitting Coach $150
(2) Heart Protection Shirt $50 (Reviewed)
Mizuno Fast Pitch Softball Glove $35
Arch Support Inserts (Pinnacle) $40
Batting Cage (Multiple Trips) $17
Golf Team Registration Fee $150
Baseball Trip Indiana $200
Summer Basketball Registration $65
Baseball Trip Indiana $61
Wood Baseball Bat (MadDogNation) $51 (Reviewed)
Baseball Trip Kentucky $50
Baseball Tee and Balls $30
Baseball Trip Indiana $370*
Soccer Trip Dayton $102
Baseball Trip Cooperstown $871*
Doctor Co-Pay $25
Fall Soccer Fees $470
Maxfli Varsity Golf Set $199 (Reviewed)
24 recycled Pinnacle Golf Balls $10
Footjoy StaSof Golf Glove $20

Junior Golf Clinic $70
Adidas Soccer Cleats: $30
Soccer Trip Dayton: $63
Boys Basketball Fees: $120
Girl's Volleyball Fees: $120
Adidas Adizero Basketball Shoes: $74 (with Dick's Sporting Goods Coupon)
Select Basketball Fees (Fall Session): $250
Select Baseball Fees for 2011 season: $1,250
Basketball Shoes (Nike Flex): $34
Futsal Fees: $81
Under Armor Shirts / Shorts (Goalkeeping): $60
Soccer Trip to Dayton: $75
Total $9,076**

^ Includes Uniforms and Shoes
* Includes Hotel, meals, Gas, Etc.
** Does not include $940 camera lens, filter and monopod.



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