Thursday, April 22, 2010

Youth Baseball: Game Starts with a Prayer, Ends with a Prayer.

Game 24

My son's baseball team started the game with a prayer for a local pitcher who was seriously injured when he was hit on the head by a line drive last week. (Link to news video below)

These injuries are becoming more and more prevalent as the technology of the super bats increases. There are two solutions to the problem. 1) Ban the bats or 2) Mandate use of fielders helmets. My son's entire baseball team wears All Star Fielding Helmets.

My son's team lost this game 19 to 18. They blew a 17 to 8 lead. It was warm and sunny when the game started, it was freezing cold by the last inning at 9:30. My hands were so cold that I had a tough time keeping score. It was not a league game so win or lose, I prayed to God that the game would not go extra innings.

Local Boy Hit in Head With Baseball is Recovering

The Main Point

All baseball pitchers from the little leagues to the Major Leagues should wear helmets. 1st and 3rd baseman should probably wear helmets. After the death of a minor league first base coach, the MLB mandates that all Major and Minor League 1st and 3rd base coaches wear helmets. Pitchers are much closer to the action than baseline coaches.

Youth baseball coaches wake up and mandate fielding helmets for pitchers at a minimum. Better yet, send a message that you believe in safety, have the entire team wear helmets in the field. You know what would be really cool. If a prominent MLB pitcher started wearing a helmet to start the conversation.


  1. My son will wear a helmet if I decide to let him pitch this year. He is so talented, but I am VERY concerned. Nobody around here agrees with me though. People need to see these tragedies first hand before they believe it could happen.

  2. My son's team wore these helmets all last year. Many people were curious about them - but I did not hear any one make fun of the kids. Now that might be different at the older levels - but if you son is a talented pitcher he will get the last laugh.

  3. Where did your sons team get the helmets? I had read somewhere that they can be customized, but haven't found where to get them. May be get one and have it customized somewhere around here.???

  4. A non-profit established after a local kid was injured by a line drive raised money, bought the All Star Helmets like the ones featured in the links above and then donated them. They ordered them through a local sporting goods shop - this shop customized the helmets with the team logo.




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