Friday, November 12, 2010

Youth Sports: I'm Done with Fundraising

Are you tired of fundraising for sports, schools, bands or other youth activities?

Fall baseball just ended and spring training is months away, but I just went to a kick off meeting for the 2011 Baseball season. The coaching staff talked to the parents about their coaching philosophy, the anticipated game schedule, winter training, team fees and possible fundraising options.
Select baseball fees are typically well over $1,000 and this year was no different. This sum covers league fees, field fees, insurance, uniforms, baseballs, umpires, tournament entry fees, etc. Some teams also charge for professional coaches too. This can easily double the cost.
Needless to say this is a large amount of money especially in this economy. With fees this high, teams often turn to fundraisers to offset the price to parents. I'm tired of fundraising. And thankfully, most of parents on our team didn't want anything to do with fundraising. Our kids have been playing baseball for 7 years now and we have all been there and done that.  I would rather just pay the fee directly to the team or school. It is just more efficient.

Here's why? My son calls my sister and sells her $15 worth of magazines. My sister then puts her daughter on the phone and sells me a $15 dollar raffle ticket to win a car. My sister will get the magazines in the mail. She will remove them from the mail box, put on them on the coffee table and eventually put in them recycle bin without ever reading a single word in them. I, of course, will not win a car in the raffle. My son's team gets $3 from the magazine sale and my niece's team gets $5. My sister and I will spend $30 and only $8 of it will help the teams. This process wastes time and money in my opinion. And I am done with it.

The baseball coaching staff gave parents the option to secure sponsorship money to offset their own personal fees. This is great because those who do the work will reap the rewards.
The Main Point

I am tired of buying and selling wrapping paper, magazines, mulch, raffle tickets, cookie dough, cookies, candles, candy, popcorn and car wash gift certificates, etc. I know how much youth activities are so I’ll provide financial support but I do not want to be a sales rep. I do not have time to help my child promote a fundraiser. I’m too reluctant to asked my friends and relatives for more money especially when I know that the school or team only gets a small portion of the money while the fundraising company gets the rest. And finally, I do not want my kids going door to door it's just too dangerous. I'm done with fundraising.


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