Thursday, June 28, 2012

Youth Hockey: Coach Assaults Opposing 13 Year Old Player

Crazy Youth Sports Coach Series - Special Alert

In Vancouver, BC, the coach of the winning team tripped a 13-year-old hockey player during the post game handshake. The tripping incident followed the UBC Hornets 5-4 defeat of the Richmond Steel.

Unfortunately for the coach, the player, who fell, broke his wrist and a parent of a Steel player caught the incident on video. The coach, Martin Tremblay, who was arrested in Vancouver, claimed the tripping was an accident. He was arrested and charged with assault. Investigators are now reviewing witness statements and video of the incident.

Accounts also mention that following the incident, the coach gave fans appalled by the tripping the middle finger. Other accounts mentioned that Hornet players acted inappropriately too. Allegedly one Hornet player was caught on camera throwing a water bottle at fans in the bleachers while his teammates taunted fans with rude gestures.

The Main Point

This may be the most horrible coach in youth sports. In one isolated moment, his irrational action injured an opposing player. I would guess that in many not so isolated moments his behavior during practices and games has affected the minds of his own players. Players often mimic the coach. 

We need to weed out coaches like this. Video is a great way to do that.


  1. That's a terrible thing to do! The coach did not show sign of sportsmanship, considering these youths are looking up to him. How was the kid? Is there any first aid treatment for broken wrist?

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