Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Youth Socccer: Can't Save Them All (Wordless Wed)

The ball needs to get through seven other players (8v8 game) before it gets to me. I'm not alone.
                                                                                                       -  CC

Left wing crosses the ball across the top of the box
 to the center-midfielder.  The center-midfielder
rips a low hard shot destined for the back of the net.
CC reacts like a cat and deflects the ball wide of the post.
She come up big again in this close contest.
Despite a great effort, the shut out and the game
 were lost in the final minute.
The Main Point

Goalies need to be tough physically and mentally.


  1. semi final of a big U16 soccer tournament, I am the goalkeeper, nothing requires more strength, especially when you lose and have to go home while the other team advances to the finals.

    1. The goalie's parents need strength too. My daughter does not worry about the goals that she give up that she had not chance to get. The only ones that bother her are the easy ones. The ones she knows she should have made if she concentrated more.

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