Sunday, September 9, 2012

Youth Sports: Is God In or Out?

In Bremen, Georgia, local high school football fans would not be bullied by a Wisconsin-based Atheist group who filed a lawsuit to stop the pre-game prayer. The cash strapped school district could not fight the lawsuit, so they reluctantly agreed to ban the pre-game prayer. They are not the first school that had to succumb. The Bremen fans of both God and high school football, would not tolerate this, so together they stood up unified and said the Lord's Prayer before the start of the game anyway. The full story can be found on High School Football Fans Won't Fumble the Pre-game Prayer.

The Main Point

In Bremen, Geogria it looks like God is in, however God is under assault in this country. This was very evident at the Democratic National Convention this week.

This week,  a short 291 miles northeast of Bremen, Georgia, the Democrats gathered in North Carolina for their national convention. During the week, the Democratic platform was released. There were two very significant positions in the platform that created a swarm of negative publicity. Originally, the democrats omitted God from of the platform, a first, and changed their stance on Israel. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who has never been a close friend to the truth, call it a "technical error". Whether it was pure ideology, a technical error or lack of leadership, the platform pissed off Jews and Christians alike. It's not a good idea to piss off large groups of people before an election, so the Democrats changed the platform to include God and revert to their original position on Israel.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, this change required a vote of delegates to approve the amendments. The vote was very telling. The vote was an embarrassment to the democrats.

The shortsighted Democrats put themselves in a lose-lose situation. If they did not amend the platform, they would lose support from both Jews and Christians. If they voted on each amendment separately, they likely would have passed the God addition, but lost on the Israel situation. They need to Jewish vote especially in Florida, so the tied the two together hoped for the best.


There is an assault on religion in our country by radicals. A country without a religious core is doomed to fail. Thank God for the people of Bremen who stood up to the godless radicals. Thank God for the Democrats who stood up to party's radical element.  Now we need all Americans who believe in God to all stand up in unity to save this country just like the fine folks of Bremen, Ga.

Sorry for the political nature of this post, but I when I saw the Bremen high school prayer protest story after watching God be denied three times before the rooster crowed, I could not remain silent.


  1. I suppose it all depends on where you stand. Some of us don't see the need to include G-d in public schools that are funded by tax dollars because there is a separation of church and state.

    Many would argue that the lords prayer is not inclusive and that is excludes people, those who are religious and those who are not.

    1. Thanks for adding to the conversation - I respectfully disagree with you.

      For too many years the politicians and courts of this country have been able to perpetrate the false idea of "separation of church and state". The founding fathers DID intend to keep government out of the religious arena by disallowing a national religion, like the Church of England; however the intent was never to keep God out of government. If they did, do you think that God would be referenced so clearly in the founding documents?

      We live in a democracy - the vast majority of people in Bremen are Christians. These people are the ones paying the taxes to fund the school. They want to pray at Football games so they should be able to pray. Those who are offended are free to put earbuds in and crack up their ipods. That is the beauty of America.

      BTW - I am not advocating any one religion or prayer - just freedom from law suit bullies in Wisconsin trying to dictate their will on the citizens of Georgia.

  2. With all due respect, I feel compelled to correct some of your statements.

    From where do you draw the conclusion that God is “clearly referenced in the founding documents.” Have you read them? This is one of those myths often repeated so it soon becomes the truth. To clarify, there are three foundational documents of this great nation: (1) the Declaration of Independence, (2) the Articles of Confederation, (3) the U.S Constitution. Arguably on the third is relevant because it is the one document that lays out the framework for our country. I will indulge you however on the other two.

    The DOI: of the three founding documents, only the DOI references directly some sort of God. Written solely by Thomas Jefferson, the purpose of this document was to assert political sovereignty of the states from Great Britain. That was its sole intent. It is not some grand, sweeping declaration of American values and principles. Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian. Jefferson was a Deist. If you doubt that read the Jefferson Bible or his numerous expressions of skepticism (if not outright hostility) towards established religions in general and Christianity in particular.

    The Deist concept of “God” or “Creator” is not the triune god of the Christian faith. The use of “Creator” is used in step with the Deist belief that a supreme being created the universe. Deism is the religion of “first cause” because it predates the age of modern science (i.e. Darwinism) which provides an alternative “non-religious” answer to the age old question of “How did the Earth get here?” and “Where did man come from?” Deism was a belief system that existed right at the cusp of the age of modern science (it wasn't until the late 19th century that the germ theory of disease replaced miasma theory. Think about that for a moment). Prior to modern science (and Darwin) there was no alternative viable explanation for how the earth and humans came into existence. Deism filled that void but calling it a religion is somewhat of a misnomer.

    Jefferson also references “natural rights/law of nature” which aren’t uniquely religious concepts but date as far back as classical Greece (i.e. Plato/Cicero, etc.). He closes with references to “the Supreme Judge of the World” and the protection of “divine providence.” Similarly these are not overt Christian references but are completely in line with Deistic “theology.” The DOI is not a religious document, a statement of American “rights” or anything of the sort. It was an announcement to the world of the independence of the state. To suggest anything else is simply stretches the truth.

  3. The AOI: the only mention of a god is the use of the phrase “In the year of our Lord.” This is hardly an endorsement of religion or Christianity but merely the convention in use at the time. It is in fact, still in use today.

    The U.S. Constitution: Of the three, this is the only “relevant” foundational document because the constitution is the sole document establishing our form of government. There are only two references to religion in the United States Constitution: (1) [N]o religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States and (2) the first amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    Odd how both of these references are prescriptive references regarding religion—meaning that it limits the power of the government when it comes to matters of religion. Neither are endorsements of religion.

    So I have to ask on what bases do you make the assertion that god is “clearly referenced” in the country’s founding documents?

    You state that the concept of the “separation of church and state is false.” That phrase is not in the constitution but comes from a letter written by Jefferson (letter to Danbury Baptists). What more compelling evidence do you need other than his words that “…“their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.” What exactly does a wall mean? I say it all the time; people are entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. What you (and others say) isn’t supported by the facts. Just read the Constitution and tell me how I am wrong.

  4. And let me point out one further correction because it eviscerates your entire view about the school’s reciting of the Lord’s Prayer. WE DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY. An example of another phrase repeated in the popular culture that simply is false. Upon his departure from Independence Hall, after the Constitutional Convention, a woman approached Benjamin Franklin and asked “Mr. Franklin, what have you given us?” His response was, “A republic ma’am, if you can keep it.” The FF knew what a democracy is—Rule by Mob. A democracy is great until the “majority” rules to take your property, your freedom, or your kids, or your life. Instead the FF established a REPUBLIC. Huge difference. Under a republic, the “rule of law” stands above all else. And the law applies to everyone equally thereby protecting the rights of the 1% from the 99%. Your point about Christians paying taxes is backwards. Plenty of Jews, Muslims, Hindis, atheists, etc. pay taxes in that school district yet the majority feels compelled to force a Christian prayer on everyone in attendance at, above all things, a high school football game.

    Do I really need to point this out? What if the majority of this school were Muslims and advocated turning towards Mecca and praying to Allah? Would you still have such a favorable view? Still stand by your “majority rules” reasoning? I somehow doubt. And I would caution you in your advocacy because the current generation does not hold a monopoly on conventional political wisdom and we don’t speak for the succeeding generations of Americans in perpetuity. You might not live to see your local community dominated by Muslims but large swaths of Europe already face that reality. Can you say the same for your children? Their children? Their children’s children? The FF created a republic and a framework that was nothing short of genius that was meant to endure for generations to ensure freedom for everyone, not just the majority. It is ignorance of that framework that is the biggest threat to the Republic. People just don’t get it.

    1. You certainly preach a lot for an atheist.

      I have read all the documents. And I have read many books on the founding fathers. The constitutional framers built their vision upon the foundation of Natural Law which is a God-centered world view. The founders were in agreement on this. But "Natural Law" to the entire founding generation was defined as the "laws of the Creator." The founders were religious men.

      And finally, I did not mention Jesus in my entire post. I mentioned God only. I think that our country needs the moral compass of religion and God, no matter which God people pray to.

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