Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Youth Baseball: Paul ONeil; Me and My Dad Book Review

I read to my son almost every night from the time he was two until he was ten. We are a sports family, so during that time, I read a lot of sports books to him. Yesterday morning I was reminded of one of the books that I read to my son.

I was listening to MLB Radio on XM yesterday morning. One of my favorite players, Paul O'Neill was interviewed. Paul O'Neill was not the biggest name on the team, but he was arguably the heart and soul of the Yankees from 1993 to 2001. He helped the Yankees win 4 championships during that time. What I liked most about Paul O'Neill was that he worked hard and played with passion.

He wrote an inspiring book about his life in baseball and the impact his dad, Chick O'Neill, had on his life and his baseball career. It's a good read for any dad who has a little league player. I read the book to my son several years ago and we really enjoyed it. My son still makes references to it. Just the other day, I bought my son a milk shake after a really tough game. My son reminded me that Paul O'Neill's dad used to take him to get a milk shake after games too.

Paul O'Neil has taken what he learned from his dad and has applied it to his family. He won a father of the year award by the National Father's Day Committee in 2008.

The Main Point

Read to your kids. Read about sports heroes. It will help them in school and on the field. Make sure you read about players who played their respective games with passion and lived a clean self-respecting life. I must confess, I did read my son a book about the greatest drinking, smoking and womanizing baseball player ever, Babe Ruth. The kid's book I read about the Bambino conveniently left out the more unsavory parts.

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