Friday, May 7, 2010

Youth Sports: Son What Kind of Hydration Do You Want, Blue or Purple.

A quick google search for "High School Athlete Dies of Dehydration" reveals many deaths of athletes from heat illness. Gatarade is currently running a promotion to help educate high school students on the importance of hydration.

Gatorade went to nine high schools with a mobile locker room to educate HS athletes, coaches and trainers on the importance of proper hydration. They are also promoting their G2 line. The vehicle consists of 20 large lockers, a smart board for “chalk talks,” two fluid-loss testing stations and monitors to watch DirecTV or play X-Box 360.

The vehicle will physically reach 400 to 500 students in the 9 locations (about 4,000 kids and their coaches and trainers.) There is a blogging station on the vehicle where these students, coaches and trainers can blog, micro-blog (tweet) about the event to their friends to extend the reach of the message way beyond the 9 schools. Of course, educating the coaches and trainers will have longer lasting impact as they will develop new rules for practicing under extreme conditions and will teach future classes.

In the vehicle, the students are first educated about the G-Series, then they put the product to the test during actual workouts. The athletes drink G-Prime before a workout, then G-Perform during their workouts. Then they undergo a fluid loss test. If that reveals dehydration, they have them drink G-Recovery.

Of course the promoters claim that it's not about selling products it's about teaching the high school athletes and the coaching staff about how important hydration is. Come on, it's about educating students about the dangers of dehydration so they can sell products.

The Main Point

I am a fan of Gatarade, but their myriad of products have always confused me, Fierce, Tiger, Focus, G2, Bring It, Shine On, Tough, Rain, Gatorade AM, etc., etc. They all tasted the same and benefit differences were never communicated effectively. The G line will confuse many, but it is less confusing than the mess that was on shelf prior and the benefits are clearly communicated.

I am not sure I would buy the Prime or the Recovery specifically, they will need to convince me to. Oh yeah, they are releasing a G-Pro line to be sold in specialty stores like Dick's Sporting Goods and GNC. They just do not believe in simplicity.

I know my son will not ask for G-Prime, G-Perform or G-Recovery, he will simply ask for for blue or purple. And I will buy it for him because I know that it is important to keep him hydrated.

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