Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Youth Baseball: Tryouts - Tips For Coaches, Clubs and Players (Part 4)

This is a great rejection letter from the one team that my son did not make. The letter is well written and shows a lot of class. 
Thank you for coming to our try-out this past weekend.  I was impressed with your play as were the rest of the coaches.  We did, however, select three other players to join the team.  Nic, you were absolutely in the top echelon of players who attended Sunday. There is no question that you are a strong player and should play in the National League. I would be interested in seeing you try out next year when your arm is healthy. Your glove work was strong as was your hitting.  I would recommend that you take car of that arm and continue attending try-outs.  Good luck in you future endeavors.
The Main Point

Did this coach write this personal email to keep Nic interested for future years? Did this coach write this email to demonstrate the high class of the organization? Does this coach just care enough about kids to build their self-esteem? I do not know, but I was impressed that this coach took the time to write such a thoughtful letter. I respect this coach and the organization more because of it.

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