Thursday, August 19, 2010

Youth Golf: How to Make the Golf Team

If you son or daughter wants to make the golf team it takes skills, practice, performance under pressure and passion because golf is typically very competitive and the margin for error is low. In baseball tryout you can miss hit a few balls and still make the team. In a basketball tryout you can miss a few shots and still make the team. In a football tryout you can miss a couple of blocks or tackles and still make the team. In a golf tryout, every shot counts.

Last year, my son's catholic school started a golf team consisting of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. A PGA teaching pro, who is a parishioner of the church, volunteered to be the coach. The coach conducted a 2 day tryout. Each potential player played 18 holes over a two day period. The players with the top nine scores were selected to be on the competitive A team. The A team played against other schools and clubs. The other 30 or so kids played on the B team. The B team competed weekly against each other.

Last year in 6th grade, my son, Nic, posted a total score of 101 and was the ninth golfer to make the team. I remember that he worked hard to secure that spot in the weeks preceding the tryout. During the season he became more and more confidence and improved with each match.

As the 2010 tryouts approached, Nic was busy playing baseball. Many of the competitors for the nine coveted spots did not play baseball so they had more time to work on their golf games. Nic heard that many of the kids had improved greatly. Nic knew he needed to make up for lost time, so once baseball ended, Nic dicated himself to golf. In fact, he played 37 straight days leading up to the tryout tournament. Some days he played 27+ holes. When Nic was not on the course he was in the back yard with his pitching wedge or in the basement making a miniature golf course.

The tryout was Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. My son shot an 82 (10 over par) and secured the 3rd position on the team. He was 6 over par after the first 3 holes of the tryout. I am proud that he kept his composure. He improved 19 stokes over last year. All of his friends who also worked hard made the team.

The Main Point

Self motivated people who pursue a goal with passion always succeed. The key is self motivation. My son would not have made the team if I was pushing him to do something he did not want to do. One parent of a kid who did not make the team said, "I wish my son had Nic's drive. If he did he would had a better chance."


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  3. A year ago, my child's catholic school began a golf group comprising of sixth, seventh and eighth graders. A PGA showing star, who is a parishioner of the congregation, volunteered to be the mentor. The mentor led a 2 day tryout. Every potential player played 18 holes over a two day time span. The players with the main nine scores were chosen to be on the aggressive A group. The A group played against different schools and clubs. The other 30 or so kids played on the B group. The B group contended week by week against each other.

  4. The tryout was Tuesday and Wednesday of this current week. My child shot a 82 (10 over standard) and secured the third position on the group. He was 6 over standard after the initial 3 openings of the tryout. I am glad that he kept his self-control. He enhanced 19 feeds over a year ago. The majority of his companions who likewise buckled down made the group.

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