Saturday, September 11, 2010

Youth Soccer: Over Zealous Coaches

I have a novel idea for youth sports coaches who want to improve. The idea came to me while I was watching my daughter's soccer practice. Coaches should video themselves. Coaches both learn and teach from video that captures the action on the field. Similarly, coaches could learn a lot from watching video of themselves on the sidelines during games.

Crazy Youth Sports Parents Series

Yesterday, during my daughter's practice, I was completely distracted by the antics of coach who was working the sidelines of a U9 boys soccer game on an adjacent field. The guy was loud and animated. He was both encouraging and demeaning. He was both optimistic and pessimistic. He was both nice and mean. He would clap and raise his hands in support as often as he would throw his hands down and turn away in disgust.

"Good play David! Good play!"
"Johnny what are you thinking?! You are so much smarter than that"
"YEAH, Andy. YEAH, YEAH that is exactly how we want you to do that. PERFECT!
"Really Jason! That's the best you can do. We all know you can do better!"
"Run Cameron, Come on you are faster than that!"
"Way to get back Josh. Awesome!
"Get up of the bench Jack and get Billy out of the game. I am tired of watching him walk around."

I was thinking to myself. I wish I had my video camera with me. I would love to video tape this coach and show him that he is acting like a complete jackass. (My iphone was not charged at the time.)

I also realized that when I was first coaching that I was more like him than not. I was not as negative as this coach, but I was way too animated. I mellowed over time when I realized that the good coaches do not act like this. If this coach just looked down the sidelines at the opposing coaches, he would have realized that they did not shout out a single command, yet their kids were controlling the game and ended up winning 1-0.

The Main Point

There are a lot of well intentioned dad coaches who need coaching. I am sure that this coach thinks that he is encouraging. I am sure that he would be appalled with his own behavior if he could just see it. Obtaining coaching training and a soccer coaching license is recommended. During the licensing process  learn a lot about how to act as a coach.

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