Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Youth Football: Special Moment for a Kid with Cerebral Palsy

This blog is dedicated to the good, the bad and the ugly of youth sports. There are also special moments that you see on rare occasions. I guess that's what makes them special.

I recently wrote a post about the ref who put a down syndrome 4th grade girl on the free throw line for a non-shooting foul that she herself committed against her opponent. It was a bad call for a good reason. She did not make either of the two shots, but it was certainly a special moment for her and all who witnessed it.

Another special moment happened recently on a football field in Manila, Arkansas. Dylan Galloway, a senior who is confined to a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, scored a touchdown.

The Manila coach devised a play for Dylan. He then called the coach of his opponent, the top ranked Rivercrest Colts, and shared his plan. The Rivercrest coach agreed to the play if they could find a perfect time to run it.

With time running out in the lopsided game, Dylan Galloway put on a helmet, took his position as tailback, received the hand-off, rolled left behind his offensive line and cut across the goal line for the team’s only score of the night.

The Main Point

In youth sports, fans see triumph and tears, phenomenal plays and fear. The also see domination and doubt. Sometimes the action is exciting and other times boring. They will see coaches compliment, cheer and chide players. They will see refs make good calls and bad calls while they are getting called names from one side or the other or both. They will see good sportsmanship and bad. And sometimes, just sometimes fans see something, feel something, experience something special. 

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