Monday, October 25, 2010

Youth Sports: How Do Single Parents Do It? (Two)

Several weeks ago, my wife was away on a women's religious retreat so I was solo and managed a very hectic schedule that included

Friday - Golf match and basketball tryout for my son and soccer practice for my daughter.
Saturday - Basketball game, soccer game and select basketball tryouts for my daughter and basketball tryouts and baseball game for my son.
Sunday - Basketball game and soccer game for my daughter. My son, thankfully, had the day off.

Ten athletic events.

Crazy Youth Parents Series

It was pay back time this past weekend because I was away. Here is the schedule that my wife had to manage.

Friday - Soccer practice for my daughter
Saturday - Two soccer tournament games in Dayton and one basketball game in Cincinnati for my daughter, a basketball practice for my son. My wife and daughter also went to a parent meeting for my daughter's new AAU basketball team. 
Sunday - Two soccer tournament games in Dayton and one basketball game and volleyball tryouts in Cincinnati for my daughter. My daughter did not go to the volleyball tryouts due to the soccer tournament, but my wife is the volleyball coach so she needed to go to evaluate players. 

Ten athletic events.

The Main Point

My wife now agrees that being a single parent of athletes is nearly impossible. 

Games 153 - 157

My wife had a great weekend. She saw a four wins in soccer as my daughter's team won the Haunted Classic. She saw a unexpected loss in a basketball tournament semi-final. This actually worked out well, because my daughter would have missed the championship game of the basketball tournament to play in the soccer tournament. My wife scrambled to get to a regular season basketball game after my daughter's team on the soccer tournament and had to do the trophy ceremony and championship team picture. My daughter, CC, missed the first quarter, but jumped right in when she arrived and had a good game. 


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