Friday, December 3, 2010

Youth Sports: Sports Training for Babies and Toddlers?

CC Age 3
On Wednesday, The New York Times featured an article called Sports Training Has Begun for Babies and Toddlers. Apparently formalized sports training cannot start early enough and entrepreneurs are cashing in on it. It's big business.

Crazy Youth Sports Parents Series

One company featured in the article is called Gymtrix. They sell videos to help kids get a fast start on their athletic coordination development. According to Gymtrix
"Something magical happens when kids learn how to throw, catch, kick, run, leap and twist. They get up and join in the game! GYMTRIX™ motivates kids to try new experiences and discover how it feels to succeed; it gives them a positive attitude about physical activity that can influence their whole lives."
I couldn't agree more, but do parents need a video to achieve this? What's next an iPhone App to teach your baby how to walk?

If you want your kid to throw, catch, kick, run, leap, twist or even hit a golf ball. Just Do It! Get away from the TV, the BluRay Player, the Wii and go outside and do it.

The one thing that I do agree with is that many kids can learn sports mechanics at a young age. It's remarkable what some kids if you just show them what to do.
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Speaking of big business. In Cincinnati, there is a awesome indoor sports facility called Kids First. It's a sports training facility for younger kids. This place is crowded seemingly 24/7. They have swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, cheering, dance, soccer and basketball programs that cater to younger kids. For example, the 10 week, $152 Tumble Bee class is designed for 10-18 month old kids. $108 will get your kid some soccer and basketball training starting at the tender age of 3 year olds. Truth be told, my wife and I have spent lots of time and money in this place.

The Main Point

Your kid will be an good athlete if they are athletic. And it will not make any difference if they start training at 6 mos or 6 years. If you have the money and you want to see your kid run around an indoor soccer field with a bunch of other kids great. We enjoyed it, but we did not think that it was essential step in a quest for a college scholarship and you shouldn't either.


  1. Bringing your kids early to sports activities would definitely be helpful in improving their social, physical and mental skills. I just remember our first daughter who was very eager in attending her gymnastics class at an early age of three.

  2. It is important not to get too caught up in the fear-based mentality the media loves to create around this topic of early learning in sports. Media loves the angle of pinning it on parents that sport at a young age is something bad that is created by poor decisions or the unrealistic expectations of young parents. Of course there are bad apples that drive their kids into sport and eventually into the ground. But the bigger issue just might be infighting that goes on between generations of parents who had the luxury of letting their kids roam the neighborhood and freely play sports and the new generation of the informed parent of today, many of which have to work two jobs to make ends meet and who worry more about their children's safety because of the new world we live in. These are different times when more commonly play opportunities are piggy-backed with preschool or childcare, all things already scheduled into parent's busy lives. Since there is not the abundance of kids running around the neighborhoods like there once was, it is necessary for parents to take their kids to classes where other kids are and where a kid can be a kid.

    After all, it sells news. hings that have been happening in sports for generations.

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