Monday, August 29, 2011

Youth Sports: 1 Weekend, 9 Games, 1 Hospital Visit

I thought that I would take you through a Crazy Youth Sports Parent weekend minute by minute. A weekend that includes 2 kids, 9 games (3 soccer, 5 basketball and 1 baseball) and 1 late night visit to Children's Hospital.

Crazy Youth Sports Parents Series


5:45 am - My alarm goes off. I hit the snooze and thought about my day. It would be a good day because my daughter would have her first CYO basketball tournament game (7:30pm) and the first State Cup Tournament soccer game (6:30pm). I wondered how much of the basketball game we would be able to make.

2:15 pm - While working, I got a alert from our soccer coach saying that the State Cup Soccer Tournament game was cancelled because the refs arranged for the game were not State Cup approved. I am thrilled because my daughter would not miss any of the CYO basketball tournament.

2:17 pm - I texted the basketball coach that my daughter, CC, would be at the game on time. He was thrilled.

4:40 pm - Get a alert from our soccer coach saying the soccer game is back on. We needed to be at the field no later than 5:15. I packed up my office as fast as possible.

4:41 pm Called my wife to make sure that she knew to get CC to the soccer field and asked her to meet with at the field with a pair of shorts, a shirt, my soccer trainer shoes.

4:43 pm - Called the basketball coach to tell him that we would not be there for the start of the basketball game and that we would try to be there for much of the second half.

5:48 pm - I arrived at the soccer field. Jumped in the back of my wife's Honda Odyssey and changed my soccer clothes.

5:53 pm - I'm the team goalie coach, so I started warming up the goalie, my daughter.

6:05 pm - The soccer coach reports that he was stuck in traffic, so I started to warm up the entire team.

6:30 pm - Game time. The coach shows up, but one of the refs is stuck in traffic, so the game was delayed.

6:45 pm - Ref arrived and game started immediately, but the 15 min delay put doubt in my mind that my daughter would be able to get to any of her basketball game.

7:30 pm - Basketball game starts without my daughter.

7:57 pm - Soccer team wins 2-0. My daughter made two exceptional saves to preserve the win.

7:59 pm - CC got in line to shake hands with opponents while I packed her soccer bag.

8:01 pm - We ran across the field. Wife packed up camera and chair, while questioning my sanity. She said we won't be able to make it to the basketball game in time.

8:02 pm - Started driving the 14 mile trip across town, hoping that the basketball game started late.

8:16 pm - Texted a team parent to see if we should continue to the game or just meet them at the restaurant for the after party. We got a report that the game is still in the 3rd quarter. We continued on.

8:24 pm - I drop my daughter off at the front door of the gym. She ran in while I looked for a parking spot.

8:26 pm - I ran into the gym and saw the score. We were losing 20-23 with the clock running down. Unbelievably, CC was on the court already.

8:30 pm - The coach called timeout and drew up a play for CC to shot a three pointer.

8:32 pm - 22 seconds left, my daughter took the ball up, passed it to a teammate and darted to the spot to take a three. She got the ball and rushed a shot. Air ball.

8:32 pm - 9 seconds left, CC deflected a pass and caused a turnover. A teammate recovered the ball and passed it up to CC, she dribbled to the top of the key and swished a 3 to tie the game. The 200 or so fans erupted.

8:37 pm - Team lost in overtime. CC stole the ball with seconds left and tried to tie the game up again by making a heavily contested layup, but she could not convert.

9:15 pm - Ate dinner at a local sports bar.

10:45 pm - Got our daughter to bed.

11:30 pm - Fell asleep thinking about tomorrow. Soccer game (10:30am) and Basketball game (7:45pm)


5:45 am - Woke up and started to do some work. Big work week was coming up. The only time I had to work this weekend was early in the morning.

8:00 am - The wife and I woke up CC for her soccer game (10:30). 

9:40 am - We arrived to the soccer field for a league match. I warmed up the goalie, my daughter. 

10:30 am - The game started. 

11:40 am - The team lost 2-1. CC maintained a shutout for 55 minutes despite a lot of pressure and shots. The defense got tired and broke down late in the game and eventually scored 2 goals on 1V1 shots to win. 

12:10 pm - Lunch a Wendy's

12:40 pm - Went to the tile store to check out some tile for our new kitchen. Chores do not go away even when you have 9 games in a weekend.

2:30 pm - Dropped CC off at the house and went out with the wife to look at mirrors for the bathroom remodeling project. 

4:30 pm - Dropped wife off at home and picked up my son for his baseball game across town. My wife stayed behind to get my daughter ready for her basketball game.

5:15 pm - Got lost going to the baseball field. We eventually showed up 10 minutes late.

6:00 pm - My wife showed up at the baseball game with my daughter. 

6:30 pm - I left with my daughter to go to her basketball game. I got to see 2 innings of baseball.

7:15 pm - CC and I arrived at the basketball court and I started warming up the team.

7:45 pm - Tip off.

7:50 pm - CC was on the bench with three quick fouls. She had tears in her eyes as she left the court.

8:10 pm - CC fouled out. I texted my wife not to bother coming to the game. 

8:15 pm - My wife and son went to dinner with the baseball team.

8:30 pm - CC's team won 30-6. 

8:45 pm - CC and I went to a pizzeria for a quick and easy dinner by ourselves.

9:45 pm - CC went to bed and I started to work again.

10:45 pm - My wife and son got home.


5:45 am - Woke up and started to do some work. Again, big week was coming up and my time would be very limited again on Sunday.

8:00 am - The wife and I woke up my daughter for her soccer game (10:30). We woke up my son too. He likes to watch his sister play.

9:40 am - We get to the soccer field for a league match. I warmed up the goalie, my daughter. She seemed off her game. I was tried to build her confidence.

10:30 am - Game time. I was asked to be the sideline ref. I would have rather watched the game without the stress of making sideline calls, but I was the most qualified.

11:40 am - Our team won. CC had another shut out in goal. Admittedly, she did not get much action.

11:41 am - CC gets in line to shake hands with her opponents, while I packed up her stuff.

11:45 am - We all got in the car to drive across town to CC's basketball game.

12:00 N - Stopped at Wendy's to get some food.

12:15 pm - I warmed up the team for the game.

12:30 pm - Tip off.

1:20 pm - CC hits a game winner 3 pointer to make the score 20-17. The team held off the other team for the final minute.

1:50 pm - Stopped to get ice cream with the team.

2:00 pm - CC went to watch her school's football team play. I watched baseball on TV while I prepared for my work week.

4:15 pm - Got in the car again to go to the last two games of the weekend. My son was playing in his first two fall ball basketball games.

4:15 pm - My wife headed up to the football field to find our daughter because neither she nor the mom watching her were answering their cell phones.

4:45 pm - My son and I showed up at the basketball courts in his purple shoes, purple shooting sleeve and orange headband. I told him you better be good looking like that.

4:59 pm - My wife and CC showed up at the basketball courts.

5:00 pm - The first game tipped off. My son surprised us all by scoring 14 points. He was always a role player on an A team. He was able to shine against B team opponents.

6:00 pm - During the hour off, CC and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods store to buy my daughter some soccer goalie shirts. She wanted a Hope Solo World Cup all purple goalie uniform. We found Under Armor athletic apparel that did the trick.

7:00 pm - CC and I returned to the courts to watch my son play in his second game of the night. He again scored double digit points in the game while going all out.

8:00 pm - We walked out to the car and my son suffered a painful heart cramp. He was born with a congenital heart defect and gets pain in his chest and a racing heart from time to time. We just try to keep him calm and wait for it to pass as his cardiologist told us to do.

8:15 pm - We all went out to dinner yet again.

9:00 pm - My son, Nic and I got in my car and CC and my wife got into our other car.

9:15 pm - My son's chest pain was still causing him discomfort and he said he was feeling dizzy.

10:00 pm - I check my son into Children's Hospital.


1:00 am - After an EKG and a chest X-ray. My son and I went home.

1:45 am - I went to sleep.

5:45 am - The alarm went off and I got up for work

The Main Point

We are crazy I know, but my kids love sports and we love to watch them play. My kids were 5-4 on the weekend with lots of fun and drama. I am completely worn out. Teamwork is needed to handle a weekend like this. My wife and I work together well to make weekends like this happen.

I won't lie, my son's heart issues scare the crap out of me. My son is fine though. He sees a cardiologist every year and he has been cleared to play sports. Golf and Baseball are his primary sports, but he loves basketball. He put on a show for us before the game with his purple and orange swag, during the game with his speed, quickness and shot making and after the game in the hospital. He likes to live life to the fullest.

A typical week for our sports crazy family.


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