Monday, August 1, 2011

Youth Basketball: The Climb to an AAU National Championship (Part 6)

My daughter, CC and her team are making a run at a AAU Division I National Championship. I am following the process through this series of blog posts.

Positive Coaching Alliance Test

All coaches and sideline assistants like scorekeepers need to take an online course from the Positive Coaching Alliance called Double Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons. Everyone who wishes to sit on the sidelines with the team must pass the test with a score of 80% or higher.

You can access the course and the test through the AAU website.

You need an AAU membership number to take the course.

Most of the content in the course is common sense wrapped in helpful mnemonics like ROOTS (Respect the Rules, Opponents, Officials and Teammates and Self). We have all experienced confidence killing coaches, witnessed unsportsmanlike behavior on the field and watched unruly parents in the stands. This course gives coaches techniques to build confidence, to control bad behavior from players and parents and to honor the game. According to the Positive Coaching Alliance, coaching for life lessons actually results in more statistical wins on the field of play. 

Tip: This course and the test (if taken properly) takes 2 hours. 

Tip: Four coaches can register with the team and get into the Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports facility for free. Coaches, if the team does not have four sideline coaches reward the team mom or the scorekeeper with the opportunity to be a credentialed sideline assistant. They will have to spend $14.00 to become a member of the AAU and take the test, it will save them $58 - $72 in admission costs for the events.

The Main Point

Take the test and more importantly embrace it. I talked to several coaches from various teams at the AAU tournament who skipped the course, went straight to the test and passed it (if not the first time, the second time). Poor integrity off the field will lead to poor integrity on the field too.

I completed every step of the course, downloaded all the reference material,  listened to every video and completed the test in about 2 hours. The test is easy, especially if you listen to the course. I got a 100%.

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