Monday, May 2, 2011

Youth Basketball: The climb to an AAU National Championship (Part 5)

Looking ahead to an AAU D1 title
My daughter, CC and her team are making a run at a AAU Division I National Championship. I am following the process through this series of blog posts.

District Championships

The Ohio District for Girl's AAU Basketball held a D1 District Championship Tournament this past weekend. As discussed in the AAU Tournament Qualify Process post, the D1 District Championships have two purposes;
  1. For the teams that have ALREADY qualified for the Division I National Championship by winning a D1 Super Regional, the D1 District Championship tournament helps to establish a teams ranking in the national tourney.
  2. For teams that have NOT ALREADY qualified for the AAU D1 National Tourney, placing high or winning the D1 District Championship will both qualify a team for the Division I National Championship and rank them. (The number of teams in the District tournament determines the number of invitations given - see the qualifying process post for details)
My daughter's team had already won a Super Regional so they wanted to win the Districts to secure the best ranking possible in the AAU Division I National Championship tournament in August.

Like in the Ohio Super Regional, only 3 teams signed up for the District tournament, so only one invitation to the Division I National Tournament would be awarded afterwards. Our team already qualified for the Division I National Tournament so our objective was to do well to increase our ranking for the National Tournament. My daughter's team did do well, they won the Ohio Districts.

Ohio AAU Districts Trophy Ceremony
Since we had already qualified, the second place team qualifies for the Nationals. The second place team always gives us a challenge so they deserve to go too.

The Main Point

The climb to an AAU National Championship has been a great experience for our daughter. Her confidence and her contributions to the team have increased each and every week. She was the leading scorer in the District finals and I could not be more proud.

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