Sunday, May 8, 2011

Youth Baseball: Metal or Molded Plastic Cleats What to do? (Part 2)

On January 3rd, I wrote a post questioning metal cleats for 13 year old baseball players. I enumerated the risks involved.
Injury Risk Number Two - Getting Cleated by your opponent - One of the most common "metal cleat injuries" occurs when a base runner slides into a base and spikes the fielder. As the runner slides the cleats are exposed toward the fielder's glove, leg or foot. Of course a runner sliding head first can get his hand stepped on by a fielder with metal cleats.
During the first game of the doubleheader on Saturday, my son Nic was diving back into first base when the first baseman stepped on his hand. The metal cleat lacerated the webbing between his pinkie and ring finger and cut the fleshy part of the side of the hand above the pinkie.

Nic was playing catcher in the game so the coach used a courtesy runner to allow Nic to go to the dugout without officially leaving the game. In the dugout, the team mom cleaned up the wounds and determined that the cuts would not need stitches. His hand was swollen and he had trouble closing his hand at first, but he had time to ice it before his next at bat. I was making plans in my mind to go to the urgent care to get the hand x-rayed,  while his coach was trying to figure out how to adjust his defensive game plan. Nic's turn to bat came up and he was determined to give it a go. Nic hit a double over the right fielders head. We all figured he was going to be ok. He also played the second game of the doubleheader and had 2 more hit.

At night, we watched Celtics Rajon Rando dislocate his elbow, go into the locker room for treatment and then return to lead the Celtic's in a win over the Lebron James, Dwayne Wade Heat. 

The Main Point

I still question whether the extra traction worth it. My son thinks that it is worth it for the cool factor alone. He loves his Nike Swingman cleats. 

And he got a big smile on his face when I compared his situation to the Rondo injury and return.


  1. yesterday, in the second game of a double header, my son was trying to score on a bad throw to third base, it was a close call at home, this is a 18u team i manage, my son slid head first into home, was a slight collision, but wen he slid head first, the catcher was on his knees trying to block the plate, the catcher fell forward and my sons metal cleats got him in the face, along the right side of his nose, a pretty bad gash, he had to go to the hospital, a half inch higher, i beleive he would have lost his eye, i am proposing to our city baseball league to ban the use of metal cleats before someone a crippling injury

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