Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Youth Baseball: A Return to the Mound After an Injury

My son, Nic, has had arm problems off and on during his baseball career. (Read Elbow Injury) Last year was a particularly frustrating year for my son. Toward the end of the season, a doctor shut him down. An MRI revealed no structural damage, but a physical test revealed that his shoulder was very weak and was causing elbow issues. After a long rest period and physical therapy with trainers, my son started going to the gym and lifting with me. He was able to play fall ball, but limited the amount of throwing he did. During winter training, he work with a baseball coach to rework his throwing motion to correct some bad habits that could be contributing to the injuries.

Nic has continued to work hard with the coach and in the gym. His arms are stronger than they have ever been and his mechanics are sound. He is throwing essentially pain free this season and returned to the mound for the first time in over a year on Sunday.

Getting the ball on the bump again

First pitch

First Pitch

First Pitch
Come backer 1-3 to end the scoreless first inning on the mound

The Main Point

Don't let arm injuries derail your son or daughter's career. Be smart. When pain persists get a doctors opinion. If the doctor recommends rest and / or therapy, follow the advice. After the doctor supervised therapy, continue strengthening the arm on your own. And don't forget the most important avoiding injury by using the proper mechanics. Get a coach to evaluate your son / daughter's throwing motion. and have them correct any mechanical issues that may be putting the young arm at risk.




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