Saturday, April 30, 2011

Youth Basketball: The climb to an AAU National Championship (Part 4)

My daughter, CC and her team are making a run at a AAU Division I National Championship. I am following the process through this series of blog posts.
  • (Part 1) Youth Basketball: The Climb to an AAU National Championship -Registration Process
  • (Part 2) Youth Basketball: The Climb to an AAU National Championship -Tournament Qualifying Process.
  • (Part 3) Youth Basketball: The Climb to an AAU National Championship -The Super Regional Step
  • (Part 4) Youth Basketball: The Climb to an AAU National Championship - Tips and Tricks 1

AAU Basketball Championship Tip

If you are on the sidelines helping the team as a coach, trainer or scorekeeper you are required to wear a collared shirt. 

The Main Point
I did not have on a collared shirt for the first Super Regional game and couldn't keep score for the team. 


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