Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Youth Sports: Gatorade Become Campaign

Gatorade is running a campaign called BECOME to promote their G Series products. It's an authentic campaign that is rooted in real consumer insights. I believe that these ads will resonate with Gatorade buying moms because they beautifully illustrate the real emotional bond between moms and their little athletes. 

I like the ads, but I have to admit, I am disappointed that Dads are not featured too. The insights that make these ads so strong are true to both moms and dads. And Dads buy lots of Gatorade. 

The Main Point

Moms are planners, they buy Gatorade in bulk at the grocery, club or mass store. Dads are forgetters, they forget to get the Gatorade out of the refrigerator before the game and then need to stop at the local convenience store or concession stand to buy more. Both moms and dads are important to Gatorade. Therefore, I think that they should feature dads in their ads.

BTW - I am not paid to talk about Gatorade.




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