Thursday, April 14, 2011

Youth Baseball: Keeping Score

Keeping the book for a baseball game is so easy a 10 year old girl can do it. Literally.

My daughter loves to keep the book for her brother's games
The Main Point

There are very few parents who know how to keep the baseball scorebook. And most of the people who think they know how to do it are not very good at it. I'm not sure why because it is not very difficult to do. Keeping score is a skill that is typically passed down from father to son or daughter. My dad taught me how to keep score at Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia Phillies)

I know this is unusual, but my daughter loves to watch her older brother play baseball. Several years ago when my daughter was 8, she watched every inning of the CABA World Series. During that series, I taught her how to keep score. Last weekend, she asked if she could keep score again. I handed her the book. I was surprised at how much she remembered. After a few innings of guidance, she was flying solo.


  1. What a great way to get your daughter involved! My 9 year old ran all the time cards from the deck to the scoring room for all her brother's high school swim meets this winter. She loved it and it was a good way to get her involved - and it gave her a good insight into how high school swim works - for when she is on the team in 6 years.

  2. THanks for the comment - Truth be told - I never would have thought to get her involved with doing the book - most people think that it is boring and want to avoid it. My daughter asked me if I would teach her. I gladly did. One day, she will teach her kids.




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