Monday, December 5, 2011

Youth Basketball: Out Cold

My son Nic is a pretty good basketball player and a great actor. 

Last night, he accumulated 7 points in the first quarter of play. Early in the second quarter, my son took on a defender and took a shot to the jaw. He played up the injury to try to get a flagrant foul called.

The ref was right there, saw the tough play and called a foul immediately. After he called the foul, the ref sent a player to the bench.

The Drive
The Foul
The Finish 
The Bench
Much to my son's surprise, the player the ref sent to the bench for the remainder of the game was him. The ref feared that my son suffered a concussion.

The Main Point

Players, if you do suffered a head injury and you feel disoriented get checked. Concussions are a serious matter.

Players, if you play up a head injury to draw a foul or impress the fans, the ref or your coach may pull you off the field or court until a doctor clears you. There's a no tolerance policy concerning concussions.  

My son did not have a concussion. I think my son learned a valuable lesson during this game. 


  1. I'm glad to hear they're taking head injuries so serious now. The potential problems associated with them is not worth the risk of continuing to play (at any level I believe).

    Also good to hear that your kid is fine. Concussions are scary things and from what I hear easily build on each other, with each one making another one easier to get.

    Finally, great action shots catching the whole play!

  2. Agreed - I will tell my wife, our sports photographer, that you complimented her skills. I do not take the pictures because I am busy keeping score.

  3. It's a good thing that he able to rest for a while even though he didn't finished the game. Keep it up boy! :D

  4. Tell your son I want to know why he didn't finish the "And 1" with his left hand. Work on that left.

    Ref was a little too cautious.

  5. You are right about that left hand. That is how a baseball / golfer athlete plays basketball. Using his left is not instinctual yet :)




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