Thursday, March 8, 2012

Youth Hockey: Dad Distracts Goalie With Laser Light

Crazy Youth Sports Parent Series

Just when you think that you have seen it all in youth sports.

Yesterday, a crazy youth sports dad brought a green light laser pen to his daughter's high school hockey game and aimed the laser into the eyes of the opposing goalie. He was hoping to distract the goalie and thus create an advantage for his kid's team.

He humiliated himself and his daughter.

The Main Point

Participation in youth sports is so memorable for most kids. Some remember great games or great plays. And some just remember what an ass their dad or mom was during games.

Dad - Mom, Don't provide the memorable actions - let your kid do that during competition.


  1. What an idiot! Too many parents are living vicariously thru their kids and getting TOO involved...the pendulum has swung!

  2. Read about this in the news. What on earth was this dad thinking?!

  3. I knew since I was 8 years old that lasers are bad for the eyes. What was he thinking? I hope parents who might have such thoughts in their minds would realize that it is indeed the most stupid thing to do as parent. green light laser

  4. This parent must be a scientist. Probably he used all those tyco cgs and electronics for this laser. If you're a politician, the laser thing can be a good trick. However, you entered a very fair student sport so a big fail for you.

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