Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Youth Sports: Strip Club Sponsors Local Little League

A struggling economy and over regulation has left a local little league's budget a little exposed. 

The budget strapped Lennox School District in California recently doubled field usage fees for a local baseball youth league. Rising maintenance costs and the need to provide security were cited as reasons.

They also banned the league from selling grilled food at the games. For years, the league had counted on sales of grilled food for revenue. The Lennox School District was concerned about public heath - actually they were concerned about financial liability. The Superintendent says that the school district cannot ensure that the league volunteers will handle and cook the food properly. The risk of punitive lawsuits to the school district outweighed the benefit.

These two moves put the season in jeopardy until the Jet Strip Gentleman's Club donated $1,200. Despite the dire situation and the club manager's assertion that the Jet Strip is community and family-oriented, the league returned the funds.

The season looked like it was going to be a big bust, until the publicity from the situation raised awareness of the league's plight.  Donations poured in from more appropriate sources and the season was saved.

This club donated the money without any G-strings attached. They did not demand a big promotional sign at the games. They did not ask for naming rights of the Field - Jet Strip Gentleman's Club Little League Park. Heck, they did not even ask if their girls could perform on the foul poles between innings. Several parents in the district did not mind that the money came from the strip club - money is money. What are your thoughts?

What about bars?

When my son was nine, his team played against a team sponsored by a local watering hole. Each kid on the tavern team donned a yellow shirt. They had their first names affixed on the back of the jersey over a large number. Emblazoned on the front of the jersey was Linda's Bar in classic baseball script writing. When I first saw the uniforms I wondered who in the world would put that on a little league jersey. Then I looked into the crowd and stopped wondering. 

I wrote about that night in my post called Cat Fight in the Stands. 

The Main Point

The world has tuned completely upside down when a strip club owner looks good and a school district looks bad. Somethings have not changed - strip clubs are recession proof, we need tort reform, US schools are a financial hot mess, sex sells and all PR is good PR.


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  2. My hat is off to the owners of the Jet Strip Gentleman's Club. They stepped up & wanted no publicity for it. I wouldn't have hesitated to take their money because their hearts were in the right place. Father told me a long time ago that you can't legislate morality. Kids would never have known where the money had come from & they would happily be playing ball for the spring and summer. My hats are off to them and to Joe Chidley for stepping up.

    A larger problem is the increased usage fees that public entities, such as school districts, are charging to non-profit agencies that serve the same kids that go to their schools. Schools are getting squeezed and they're just passing the buck along. Just another form of taxation that has the potential to have long term consequences that are more costly for the government and taxpayers.

    1. You have more wisdom than most. You are so right - tax money is not sufficient to pay for the bloated and misused budgets - so they find another way to tax instead cutting costs and corruption. (Talking about government in general not Lennox)

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