Monday, May 13, 2013

Youth Hockey: Unbelievable Fight

You just have to watch it. You will not believe it. The fight between two Russian youth hockey teams (U12) was so big that the two refs could not do anything about it. Where were the coaches during this? The parents behind the glass just watched. No one in the stands seems overly concerned. Perhaps they were as stunned as I was just watching the video. I find this video a bit hard to believe.

The Main Point

How can you blame these kids when their adult role models do this all the time.


  1. At the one minute mark it looks like a parent in the left corner is actually clapping! Two kids getting into it on the ice is bad enough but two whole teams? This is not the kind of behavior youth athletes should get away with and should it definitely not be encouraged!

    1. It is the most unbelievable youth sports moment I have ever encountered live or on video. It is sad. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

  2. Does anyone know the name of the song because it sounds like a song I would like.

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