Friday, May 10, 2013

Youth Track: Religious Gesture Disqualifies Winning Team

A religious gesture to "God" disqualified a winning relay track team at a Texas high school recently. The track team from Columbus High School (the Mighty Cardinals) won the 4 X 100m relay by 7 meters. The anchor leg runner, Derrick Hayes, made a simple "finger point to the sky". It was an impulsive action from a kid who was raised to thank God. The God gesture was not excessive in any way, yet it disqualified the team. The track officials deemed the gesture as an example of “excessive celebration.” which are against the rules. The track team will now miss out on the chance to compete at State level.

The Main Point

The official would not admit that the religious aspect of the gesture is what caused the disqualification. From all of the accounts I read, the gesture was not excessive at all, so it begs the question of whether the religious aspect was the reason. Who knows what he or she was thinking.

If the religious aspect was the reason than this is just another example of the progressive movement away from God and religion. Ok all you God hating Atheists - make your vacuous comments.


  1. I'm an atheist, but not a "God hating atheist" as you so lovingly put. I do agree that this punishment might have been a bit harsh but then again religion and schools are supposed to be separate. What if a Buddhist child decided that as praise he wanted to meditate or an Islamic child wanted to shout a prayer? What would your views about religion be then? What if school wanted to teach the Koran instead of The Bible even though the followers of both these religions follow the same God? Perhaps it was just a harsh reminder that religion and schools should never be mixed.

  2. I guess it is hard to hate something that you do not think exists. Good point.

    If a Muslim track star - rolled out a rug and got on his knees to pray to Allah, I would not have any problem with that.

    If a Jewish track star wore a yarmulke during a race - it would not bother me.

    It is called freedom.

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