Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Youth Soccer: Crazy Youth Soccer Parents Video

Are you trying to decide between select travel soccer and recreational soccer? I wrote a post called "The Differences Between Select (Travel) and Recreation Soccer" that explains the differences to help you decide.

Before you read that post, answer this easy question. Is your kid nine or older?

If you answered yes, then it is probably too late to move to select soccer. What?!? You see most of the best players have had personal Brazilian trainers since pre-school. I'm half kidding.

Watch this hilarious video about a mom who is considering select soccer for her nine year old kid.

Crazy Youth Sports Parents Series

So much of this video rang true for me.

1) Regarding a Brazilian soccer trainer - My oldest son trained with a Brazilian soccer star Paulo Berreto from age 9 to 11. My son played select soccer from 9-18 on competitive teams but did not play on elite teams. He played two years of High School, but never made varsity. Perhaps we did not start him early enough?
2) My middle son was an exceptional soccer player at a young age. He decided to play football in 3rd and 4th grade. When he went back to soccer he found that he was too far behind to compete.
3) My daughter started select soccer at 8, but I trained her from the age of 2. Her soccer trainers have not been Brazilian, but they have advanced licenses. At 10 years old, she currently plays at an elite level. So maybe this video holds some truth.
4) Travel teams from Texas will rip your kid apart - We have not encountered teams from Texas in any of the soccer tournaments that my kids have played in - but strong and physical teams come from many states away to compete in the high profile tournaments.
5) Fundraising is a part of travel soccer - My kids have sold things from Honeybaked Hams to wrapping paper. Read this post of mine called "Youth Sports, I'm Done with Fundraising".
6) You need a soccer coaching license and a soccer resume to coach - My oldest son did not quite make the A team when he was 10, but the club had enough players to form two teams. A "B" team was formed, but it didn't have a coach. The Director of Coaching for the club knew that I had coached recreational soccer. He coaxed me into applying for the job. I had to earn my F license first then interview for the position. I got the job. I eventually went on to get my E and D licenses. So there is truth to this.
7) I started playing soccer at 9 years old (that was the first year it was available). I played through 9th grade. I concentrated on lacrosse after that. My dad was my first coach. He never played soccer a day in his life. So the video nailed this insight as well.
8) Back in the day, we played in T-shirts when we were really young. As we got older, we played in polyester uniforms that needed to be returned at the end of the season. Today, the kids wear expensive advanced techno-fiber home and away uniforms with matching warm-up apparel. They keep these uniforms after the season like a trophy.
9) Practices - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No practices on Sundays. Games on Sundays. This is a bit of hyperbole. Games are on Sunday, but most younger age select teams practice 2 days per week. However, there are some very serious clubs that practice every day.

The Main Point

Sadly, there is a lot of truth in this humorous video. And my kids and I have lived it. Perhaps we perpetuate it.

Hat tip to Your Kid is Not Going Pro and Jen Singer of


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