Monday, June 27, 2011

Youth Baseball: Crazy Mom Threatens League Official

What do you do when your son or daughter gets cut from a select team or is overlooked for the all-star team?

1) Talk to your kid about the realities of life. Help them understand that to excel and play on the best teams he or she will need to work harder. Help them devise a plan to improve their game for the next tryout.
2) Help your kid understand that sometimes the best talent is not selected in life. It's not fair but sometimes politics, friendships, nepotism, money or influence can work against very capable players.
Help them maintain their confidence and look a more favorable situation.
3) Sit them down and have a honest talk about their abilities vis-a-vis other kids. Perhaps help them find a sport that is more suitable to their strengths.
4) Hire a lawyer and sue the league and the coach.
5) Threaten the league official and his family with bodily harm.

Crazy Youth Sports Parent Series

The Main Point

The answer is 1, in some special circumstances 2, and sometimes 3. Sadly the kid of this crazy mom chose number 5. Now her son will not only have to learn to live without playing on the select team, he will also have to learn to live without a mom.

Parents, less than 5% of kids will play in college and less than 1 percent will play in the pros. Keep this in perspective.


  1. I think you meant she chose # 5.

    This is amazing, but so not surprising. I see these false allegations in my family law cases all the time. Dads are accused falsely of sexually molesting their own kids, and it takes time and money to prove them innocent.

    What a waste. I feel bad for the coach, and for the environment the kid is living in.

    The comments by the reporters are almost as bad and fearmongering.

    But that sense of fear is why I wrote my books, and do the work i do at

    Thanks for putting this out there.


  2. There are a lot of unstable people in the world of youth sports. Thanks for sharing your contact info for my readers.

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