Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Youth Sports: How a Mom Prepares for a Game

Many weekends, my wife and I divide and conquer. For example, last weekend, my wife was in Columbus, Ohio at a baseball tournament and I remained at home with my daughter who was playing in the GBA Nations Basketball Tournament. 

I have to admit, my wife is much better at getting my daughter up and ready. She understands that it take time for my daughter to get her hair just right. She knows where every uniform piece can be found. She never forgets the camera, the sunscreen or the water bottle. She manages the details. I always seem to get my daughter to the games on time (being late is never acceptable for team sports), but I usually forget something important. That usually leads to shopping for Gatorade or a pair of cleats.

In this blog, I give tips and tricks to youth parents from dad's sports perspective and add in tips I learn from my wife. I stumbled across a Youth Sports Blog, called TrophyMom that gives tips and tricks from a mom's perspective. Trophy Mom brings managing the details of Youth Sports to a whole new level with some witty writing.

She has a post called They All Laughed Until the Port-a-Potty Ran Out of Toilet Paper that gives a 25 tip list on what to every parent should bring to a youth sports game to be totally prepared. Here are the six suggestions.

  • sunblock, the spray-on and rub-on variety, as well as a some formulated for faces
  • bug spray and some bug repellent wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • dental floss in case you need to go MacGyver
  • a couple dollars in coins
  • and of course, a roll of toilet paper

The Main Point

Youth Sports Moms are probably more detailed oriented than Youth Sports Dads.


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