Friday, June 10, 2011

Youth Sports: Lessons Learned from Youth Sports Tryouts

I write about the drama and the pressure of youth sports all the time. There is nothing more emotionally and politically charged than tryouts and cuts. No matter the age U10 or HS, it can be a traumatic process.

Note to parents: Do not avoid the tryout process by opting for rec sports or not playing at all to protect your kid. Make it or not, this process helps teach young kids about life in the real world. A world which is very competitive.

More importantly there are three ways the process may just help a young kid find him or herself.

  1. It may make a young athlete dig down to try harder and teach them what it really takes to succeed.
  2. It may lead to a new team and a new coach. A better coach who connects with the player to help the player get to the next level.  
  3. The process may persuade a young kid to find his or her passion in another sport or activity. And the new activity just might be the confidence building, character defining activity that changes his or her life.

The Main Point

Who knows what will result from select or school sports tryouts? Tell your kids that this is an exciting time not a traumatic time.

My daughter is just 10 and she has competed for a spot on her elite soccer team for three years and her AAU basketball team 1 year. She has been selected to the top team each time but she realizes that it is getting tougher each time. My son 14 year old son has participated in eleven tryouts. He has made the first team on seven of those tryouts. He learned from the others.

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