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Youth Sports: Tebowing, Violence and Media Bias

I purposely keep politics out of this youth sports blog, but I found a provocative news story about a youth sports event that I thought would make for interesting conversation and debate.

I welcome your thoughts

Like many, I am intrigued by the Tebow phenomenon. My son, for reasons unknown to me, has been a big Denver Broncos fan for a few years. (We live in Ohio). When Tebow became the team's quarterback, my son naturally became a Tebow devotee. I tend to get interested in the things my son likes, so I became a Tebow fan too. So when I saw a story titled,  Teens brutally beaten for Tebowing during a team's hoop winit caught my eye.

This past week, two high school basketball fans were brutally beaten after celebrating a big victory over their arch rival. The story suggests that the kids were beaten because they celebrated the win by Tebowing.

Personally, I think that the connection to Tebowing maybe based on conjecture especially since the two teams have had skirmishes before. Regardless, there it was in the headline of one article and in the subtitle and first sentence of another that Tebowing was to blame for the beatings.

Was Tebowing really the reason for the brutal attacks?

I say no, not entirely at least. This is the second consecutive year that the game between two hated rivals was marred with violence. Tebowing became a fad this year during the Broncos incredible run, so last year's problems cannot be connected to Tebow. If I had to guess, I would say that the brawl this year was the result of bad blood from last year coupled with a humiliating defeat by the home team. The comments attributed to the story seem to agree with me. Several comments suggest that racial tension between the all white school and an all black school in the south is the reason, yet that was not explored by the press. No, the press chose to blame Tebowing - kind of like blaming a rape victim for wearing a short skirt.

So this made me wonder. Why is Tim Tebow so hated by the media?

Are his religious views the reason? This was my original thought when Tebowmania created as much excitement as it did ire. I dismissed this because I realized that for as long as I can remember God has been a part of many athletes lives. I've heard countless post game interviews that have started or ended with "I want to thank God or Jesus or my Lord, for giving me.....this opportunity, the ability, the courage, etc." Additionally, I have seen many NFL football games end with both teams gathering around the center of the field for a group prayer. Religious expression from athletes is not new. So why is Tebow a target for the media? Why is he considered the most polarizing figure in sports? (See the video)

So let's discuss. Why does the media seems to be against Tim Tebow? I will throw out two reasons, I would love to hear other reasons.

1) Tim Tebow threatens the sytematic movement to remove God from America.

It started in 1960 when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained to the Baltimore Maryland School District to ban prayer in school. She took her case all the way to the Supreme Court. The court ruled in her favor 8-1. Additionally, there is currently a multi-front attack to remove the Ten Commandants from government buildings. There is another movement pushing for the removal of "Under God" from the pledge alliance of America despite polls that show 85% of Americans want to keep it. Finally, there is a similar assault on the motto "In God We Trust" printed on American currency. 89% of respondents to a poll regarding that subject are in favor of keeping motto. I would think that 85% of America would not consider Tim Tebow polarizing. 

Has Tim Tebow's become number one enemy of the progressive movement to remove God from America, a movement with many sympathizers in the mainsteam media?

2) Tim Tebow is a right wing zealot.

In 2007, Tim Tebow did a "pro-life" Super Bowl ad with his mom and promoted the socially conservative website Perhaps it's not religion that has the media upset, perhaps it is Tim Tebow's political views that the media finds so repulsive and threatening. 

What do you think?

The Main Point

I am glad that Tim Tebow reminds my kids that God is with them during victories and defeats. It is easy for over-scheduled youth sports families to forget about God, especially with all the games scheduled on Sundays these days.

A note to the writers of the articles blaming Tebowing - there is a big difference between reporting the news and op-ed. If you want to state your opinion do it, but do it in the opinion section of the newspaper not the editorial. Report the facts and let the readers decide or have the balls to say this is my opinion.


  1. The MSM and Washington DC HATE religion. Obama and Co just ordered the Catholic Church to forego it's beliefs and give out contraception and perform abortions at its hospitals. We are living in terribly secular times and Tebow represents a threat to the left and its secular wishes and ways.

    I think THEY will lose because America was founded by devoutly religious men and on the foundation of the Judai-Christian values. In the meantime, good for your son. Tim Tebow is a REAL hero!

    1. The stats are pretty clear - 85-89% of Americans do not want God removed from the fabric of America - unfortunately the courts and the media are filled with the 15%.




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