Monday, July 12, 2010

Youth Baseball: Elbow Injury (Part Two)

The results of my son's MRI were very encouraging. No surgery is needed. Thank God. The doctor said that the ulner-nerve is extremely inflamed which is causing the pain and the occasional numbness in the hand. He prescribed some anti-inflammatory meds, 4 weeks of rest and a compression sleeve to keep the nerve in place during activity.

Tryouts for the 2011 season are in two weeks. There is a lot of uncertainty around the future of his current team so he was planning on trying out for several teams this year. We are hoping that the coaches of the teams he is going to tryout for will remember him because his arm will not be ready in time for the tryouts.

The Main Point

Tryouts are based on skills displayed during the tryout, but we all know that politics are involved too. My son has been on the short end of politics before so maybe he can benefit from it this year. My son has a great reputation for hustling and hitting. He is also a catcher that the other teams do not run on much, so coaches must know him. Maybe a few phone calls will do the trick.




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