Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Youth Softball: All Star Playing Up

Our daughter, CC, played up in softball this year so that she could play with and against girls of her skill level. During the regular season, she did particularly well in the field. She held her own at the plate, but was not a standout in her first full season in facing kid pitchers.

Regardless, CC was one of only two players from her team who played on the All Star Team. During the All Star Team Tournament, CC did very well in the field, but she was over matched hitting against the very best All Star pitchers.

Games 98,99 and 100

CC walked 3 times and stuck out 3 times against pitchers who threw pitches faster then she has ever seen. She played great in the field.

CC is going into 4th grade while some of the All Stars were going into 6th grade. Girls really grow a lot during these two years and the size difference was very apparent as you can see in the pictures.

We have decided to move her back down next year if she decides to play softball again.

The Main Point

Confidence is an important success factor for both baseball and softball. We played our daughter up in softball so that she could play with and against girls of her skill level. We noticed in the All Star Game that the better players were bigger and better.

We have decided to move our daughter back down to her age group where she can be a star and where her confidence can soar.


  1. Great pictures! cc is the best!!

    I can't wait to see how she does next year against her own age group!

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