Sunday, July 25, 2010

Youth Golf: Are You Prepared For Your First Loss To Your Kid? (Part 2)

Nic at age 3
Yesterday, I wrote in a post that I was preparing for the day when my son would eventually beat me at golf. I really didn't think that it was going to happen today.

My son Nic (age 13) hit every drive 225+ and did not miss a fairway all day. I struggled on a few holes and my son ended up beating me by 5 strokes. He was on in regulation countless times and if not for several 3 putts, he would have beaten me by much more. He even had his first eagle putt on the 408 yard par 5, 12th hole. (White Tees)

The Main Point

If you do not want your kid to beat you at a sport before they are adults, I recommend that you do not allow them to start playing at 3 years old. Don't buy them the latest equipment, and absolutely do not buy them lessons or send then to golf camps.

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