Monday, November 7, 2011

Youth Sports: The Coach Gift

I received a special end of season gift for coaching. What coach gifts have you received or given?

I had the absolute honor of coaching my daughter's basketball team this fall. The experience to be with my daughter and her friends was gift enough for me, but the team gave me a post season gift anyway.

The team mom, who coordinated volunteers for games, communicated schedules and organized parties, coordinated the end of season coaches gifts. And she did a nice job all year and her choice of gift was great.

The team gave me and the head coach each a personalized, hand-painted tub filled with a mini-basketball hoop, popcorn, peanuts, a photo album and the kicker - 8 bottles of Yeungling Lager. The names of each player are painted on the tub. A lot of thought and effort and maybe cost went into this gift.

Coach's Gift
The Main Point

Gift cards to restaurants are nice, but this was a special gift.

What coach gifts have you received or given? Share the good, the bad and the ridiculous.


  1. I've received nothing for coaching a 6 month long, intense 4th grade traveling basketball team, and a gift card for assisting on a 4 month long traveling baseball team. The most thoughtful gift I've heard of, and would like to provide to the head coach of my kids' teams, is a personalize photo album (made on Snapfish or similar site) with pictures of each kid and a note to the coach from each kid.

  2. As you can see from my blog that I love action shots - I have 22,000 photos mostly of sporting events. I always share my images. And the images I capture are typically packaged up into a coach gift. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Usually what we do is a signed basketball by all the players. Your gift looks like it was well deserved. Congrats!

  4. It's a great thing receiving a gift, so congratulations for that. :D

  5. I'm the team mom for my son's travel baseball team. I'm always looking for unique meaningful gifts. We start indoors the first Friday in January and don't give up until mid-July. That's a lot of time and we appreciate it all, but every year it's hard to top the next. One year I took the team picture and had it matted and had the kids sign the matting. Last year I asked each player to write on individual slips of paper a memory about the coach. I asked for at least 5 from each. I placed them all in a decorated jar, he was so touched, I think I even saw a few tears! I am also the team photographer. I have a Shutterfly site for the team. Have had a new site every year. Since we've had the same coach, maybe I'll make a book of all the years combined. Love the bucket idea too!

    1. COaches love the photo books - thanks for adding to the conversation.




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