Saturday, November 5, 2011

Youth Sports: The Sins of Steroid Use in My Backyard

We all think that the use of steroids is confined to professional sports stars who are looking for an extra edge and a big money contract. Well, think again. Professional sports stars are starting to clean up their acts thanks to mandatory testing, but maybe your local high school star has not.

This week, in a small town 15 miles from my house, a decade long steroid distribution ring was broken up by the local police. The steroids were being sold to high school kids who worked out at the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon, Ohio. If it can happen in this quaint town, it can happen anywhere. This hits close to home for me because my kids have competed in that Y many times. (Note this YMCA was not involved in the ring. In fact they helped put a stop to these drug dealers.)

The performance enhancing drugs were imported from China and processed in Tennessee. 32 people, (actually lets call the what they are) 32 drug dealers have been indicted for drug trafficking and possession. This was a big operation and impacted many people over a 10 year period.

Here is my list of seven things at play here:

1) Greed - People so hungry for money that they would jeopardize the future of a young kid.
2) Envy - Steroid users envy those who are bigger, stronger and faster, so they cheat to compete.
3) Pride -  That desire to be more important or attractive than others. An excessive love of self.

4) Sloth - Laziness. People want great results but they take a shortcut to get it.
5) Lust - They want a body that people will desire.
6) Gluttony - 4000 calorie days filled with Whey Protein
7)  Wrath - Rage and anger from steroids. Roid Rage.

Wait a minute - those are the 7 deadly sins.

The Main Point

No one wants to work hard anymore. Everyone wants the benefits without the sacrifice. The steroid users want increased strength and speed, but with less effort. The Greeks want to retire at 52 years old with full benefits. The 99%'ers, the occupy wall street crowd, want free health care, food, housing. A growing faction of society wants a paternalistic government to provide from them so that they don't have to. The honest work ethic that propelled this nation to greatness is being replaced with a quick fix lazy mentality. It's sad.

We need to teach our kids to work hard in school and sports and that cheating is never acceptable.


  1. I'd go for preworkout supplements at any given day. Steroids has its own medical benefits but let that not get into achieving greater results through sports or weight training. The satisfaction is still better if you achieved it through discipline and willpower.




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