Sunday, June 13, 2010

Youth Baseball: Cooperstown Dreams Park Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

My son's baseball team won a tournament last year that earned them an invitation to Cooperstown Dreams park. My son will be competing against 98 other teams from all over the country. The tournament runs from June 13th to June 17th.

We drove about 700 miles from Ohio. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains. We left at 10pm on Thursday night and drove part of the way.

We did not leave until 10pm because my daughter CC played in her first summer league basketball game. We contemplated skipping the game to get an earlier jump on the trip, but she was already sacrificing two softball games so we delayed our trip. We are so glad that we did.

Game 78

CC played point guard for her new team. The team had neither played nor practiced together so we were not sure what the result would be. CC's team was playing a team that has been together since first grade and were suppose to be quite good. CC's team got down 10 to 0 in the first 4 minutes of play and it looked like it was going to be a blow out. Eventually, CC's team caught fire and actually scored 21 straight points. CC controlled the game from the point and scored 6 points. CC's team lost with on a layout with 25 seconds left. It was exciting and well worth it.

We drove 4 hours north after the basketball game. At 2 am in the morning. We pulled into a La Quinta just south of Cleveland. I have never stayed at a La Quinta before. We got a 2 room (2 queens and a pullout full) and 2 bathrooms for $89 plus taxes. What a great deal for a family of five. I will be looking for La Quinta on our road trips in the future.


My wife had packed a separate bag with all of our toiletries and extra cloths for all of use so we did not have to unpack the entire car at 2 am. This was very helpful

The Main Point

Sports trips are a family event. Siblings of the participating athlete make sacrifices. My older son is away from his girlfriend for a week and my daughter is missing 2 softball games. My wife and I will make sure that we do things that our other two kids will enjoy and remember. We know that our son will have a baseball memory for a lifetime.


  1. "We know that our son will have a baseball memory for a lifetime."

    And so will his Dad!

    Pop Pop has great memories too!!

  2. Great topic to read.Amazing memory for sharing with us.This kind of memory carry for a life time. Thank you for sharing your lovely memory with us.




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