Sunday, June 20, 2010

Youth Baseball: Cooperstown Dreams Park Tips and Tricks (Part 8)

Tips for Parents

Your kids are getting three meals per day in the barracks, but you need to find places for you other family members to eat.

We grilled out at the lake house a few nights, but we also found some great places to eat.

For lunch or for take out, I would strongly recommend Dimaggio's which is directly across the street from the Cooperstown Dreams Park. They are famous for hot dogs, but I think that their pulled pork sandwich is the best I have ever had. They also have great french fries. My wife got a huge salad with chicken that was also very good.

One day we went to Cooperstown with a large group. We spoke with a women at the information booth and asked her were a large group could meet with lunch. She recommended several places like Sal's Pizza, but that was crowded. We ended up going to the Tunnicliff. This restaurant is in the basement of the Tunnicliff Inn. There is nothing special about the place, but the food was pretty good and the Yuengling beer was cold.

Other places to consider.

Carmen Espositos Italian Ice in Cooperstown, NY. The italian ice here is really good, but a bit pricey.
Brook Bareque in Oneonta, NY

The Main Point

Eat well while your kids are eating mess tent food. Note: you can sign your kids out of the compound and give them a break from the camp food.


  1. Hey Stats Dad, my favorite Pizza joint is NY Pizzeria on 75 Chestnut just as you enter the Village about 3 blocks north of Price Choppers. The following is their web site:
    They have a great Sicilian pizza, take it from someone who grow up in Brooklyn NY.

    1. Thanks for adding your local expertise to the conversation - I will try that pizza next time I am up there - this Sicilian loves Sicilian pizza.




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