Monday, June 21, 2010

Youth Baseball: Cooperstown Dreams Park Tips and Tricks (Part 9)

Tips for Parents and Grandparents 

If you simply cannot go to Cooperstown Dreams Park to see your son or grandson play then you can watch some of the games on DreamsParkTV (WebTV).

There are 22 fields at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Currently, fields 1-10 have cameras set up directly behind home plate to capture the action. You can watch live or recorded games from the website. How cool is that.

My dad, who was disappointed that he could not go and see the action, was thrilled to discover that he could watch some of the games live.

Unfortunately, I didn't know about the DreamsParkTV coverage prior to my visit to Cooperstown. I actually found out about this feature 15 minutes before our first game on Monday. I immediately called my mother and father and my wife called her parents too. While it is really easy to do, none of them could figure it out in time to watch the game. It caused them great frustration. It also caused lots of calls back and forth during the game which is not what I really wanted to concentrate on at the time.

Avoid the frustration. Help the fans of your son get set up on DreamsParkTV prior to your trip.

Tips to set up DreamsPark TV

1) Go to and CLICK ON Click here to enter the site

(Don't judge Cooperstown Dreams Park from their website. I am in the business and I can tell you that this website does a poor job representing the high quality of the park and the experience. From a navigation standpoint it is one of the worst websites I have used but once you know where things are it works.)

2) You will find a matrix of links in a blue box. Click on the DreamsPark TV link. (Second Row, Second Column)

3) If you do not use Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer as your internet browser, you will be prompted to download Mozilla Firefox for free. This is really easy to do. I use Firefox all the time. If you have Firefox or IE, then you will not see this page.

4) Open up Firefox and type into the brower like below and follow steps 1 and 2.

5) You will then see this page. CLICK sign in the red box for a free pass to the DreamsParkTV.

6)  Enter your registration info and make up a password - CLICK Create Account

 7)  Click on the youth catcher to view live games, click on the baseball to see recorded games. You will need to know your team schedule. Any games that are played on fields 1 though 10 will be available live or recorded. To find your team's schedule, click on the year 2010 from the blue box matrix page. CLICK on the week your team is playing. CLICK on Regular Game Schedule or WebCam Game Schedule.

8) You will see a page like the one below. It has the team names across the top and the rosters of the teams in red on the right. Although it does not indicate this anywhere, I think that you need to double click on the video to make it start and to restart it if it freezes. That seems to work for me.

9)  Click on the BUY DVD and purchase a recording of the game.

The Main Point

The DreamsParkTV feature will allow your friends and family to follow the action from anywhere in the world, but they need to know how to use it. To avoid frustration help your son's fans get set up before the week starts, You can do that by sending them a link to this post. CLICK the SHARE THIS button below.

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