Monday, June 7, 2010

Youth Baseball: Wanted a MLB Pitcher to Wear a Helmet on the Mound

I have written several posts regarding head injuries to pitchers and in each post I have strongly advised parents to insist on protective head gear for their young pitchers.

According to insurance statistics, on average one baseball player out of 50,000 suffers a significant injury to head or face. Here is a link to a must read article on, called Pitcher head injuries to trigger cry for protection, which explores head injuries of baseball pitchers and use of protective head gear. It suggests that a movement has been started and manufactures of protective equipment are trying to develop products that will gain acceptance.

What the movement needs is a Major League Baseball pitcher to don a helmet on the mound. Youth baseball, HS and College pitchers know that protective helmets will help protect them, but they will not wear them because they look dorky.

The article suggests that MLB players wearing protective head gear is unthinkable
Doing so is unthinkable in the pro ranks but is slowly gaining acceptance at the grass-roots level. 
Why is it unthinkable? Troy Tulowitzki is growing a mullet to raise money for a Children's Hospital and Special Olympics. What is more uncool, a mullet on a MLB All Star shortstop or a protective helmet on a pitcher?

The Main Point 

We need a successful MLB player with some name recognition to don a helmet on the mound and make a statement to all little league players that safety is paramount.


  1. As part of safety measures in baseball, it's important that the players follow and wear up the proper sports attire for them to be protected or if not lessen any injury they will be enduring on game. This way, they don't have to sacrifice their passion and love towards the game the moment they were hurt badly just because they aren't wearing nor protecting themselves on these kind of unfortunate events.

  2. This is good post. I think every baseball player must be use a helmet.The most critical is the helmet you pick as it secures the most fundamental part of you: Your head. It frequently bewilders me to see individuals riding on a game bike yet "keeping in mind the end goal to spare cash" they run with a shoddy brand protective cap not understanding that the distinction could spare their life. If you visit our site you find a various kind of good helmet .

  3. A baseball helmet is a headgear which is worn by hitters in softball or baseball. It is essentially worn for head insurance when the ball is tossed by a pitcher. Without security a hitter could be truly harmed.

  4. Keep on informing about safety to younger sportsmen generations!

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