Thursday, June 3, 2010

Youth Soccer: Coaching

In my last post, I discussed the drama surrounding my daughter's select soccer tryouts. A new "paid" coach was assigned to the elite team and some really strong talent showed up to the tryouts. The parents of the incumbent players knew that there were bound to be changes. What we did not expect was a decision by one of the star players to move to another team. This star player is the daughter of the "dad" coach. Therefore the team has a coaching vacancy.

When I found out about the spot, I sent an email to the Director of Coaching for the club. I volunteered for the "dad" team manager / coach position. I had volunteered for the position last year, but the position was already filled.

I have coached my daughter since she was 5 and I really missed coaching her this year. After a year off from coaching, I am ready for the X's and O's, the bus driving, the shoe tying and picking up the tab at the local Whippy Dip.

I ran across a post on called Balancing Coaching that provides insights into volunteer dad coaches. The post explores the over-zealous coach and the coach by default. And it reminded me of all the extra things coaches do. Here is an excerpt.
Also, keep in mind that coaching usually winds up costing a few bucks. Whether it’s a cooler of lemonade, a new pitching rubber or a pair of cleats for the kid who couldn’t afford them, coaches often find themselves investing more than time and energy in their team. And there’s always that huge pizza parlor tab after your team has stomped on the windpipes of the Young’s Florist Daffodils.

The Main Point

I miss coaching. I hope that the new "paid" coach wants and needs my help. I am over zealous about the opportunity to coach the elite team, but I do not have an over zealous coaching style.


  1. Coaches do invest a lot in their teams

  2. I've always been a fan of coaches coz they bring out the best in each member of the team. But outside sports I've seen many kinds of coaches emerged in the recent years and I think its great. Some even offer online coaching services and sometimes things like this still blow my mind. It's great that the coaching influence is spreading.

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