Thursday, March 17, 2011

Youth Soccer: Brasil / USA pen pals

Two worlds apart people helping people.

Trace, the administrator of my daughter's soccer team website has a friend in Brazil named Eric. Eric teaches English to Brazilian students. The two talk soccer regularly. Trace sends Eric videos of our youth soccer team. Eric has been sending notes of support to the team via Trace.

Together they came up with an idea to support each other. They are in the early stages of establishing a dialogue between Eric's students and our U10 soccer players.

Students in Brazil are encouraging the players on my daughter's soccer team via email notes.

The girls on my daughter's soccer team are sending notes back in English. Notes that help the students in Brazil learn the language and some things about our culture. Through the exchange, our kids are learning a bit about the culture in Brazil. And who knows maybe our kids will learn some Portuguese.

Pretty cool.

Hi Girls!

I live in Brazil and I saw the website and the videos of your team! I liked so much!
You are very good players and I'm very happy to know there are girls like you, lovely about soccer like me!
 In Brazil, as anybody should know, we love soccer! But here, girls teams don't have many incentives yet...
So, is pretty cool as you can see girls who are dedicated to soccer.
I  hope you can achieve all your goals!
Good luck on the next tournaments!

Hi Clara
My name is Jess  #7.  First let me say thanks to everyone for all the 
encouraging words.  My team will do all we can do to bring home another trophy.
We play our first tournament of the seaon next week, March 12 -13 and we are all excited.  
It is really neat to have some supporters from Brazil, my favorite soccer players are also from Brazil,  Adriano and Rogerio Ceni.
Bye for now,  : )
Jess #7 

The Main Point

I am thrilled with the opportunities my daughter has to play sports. I realize that many women around the world are not as lucky. I am thrilled that my daughter can exchange notes with fans thousands of miles away thanks to a nice idea by two guys worlds apart and the power of the internet.




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