Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Youth Sports: The High Cost of Participation

Youth Sports can be expensive. Just click on the Youth Sport Costs tab above to see just how expensive participating in select / travel sports can be. We just topped $1,750 for the year if you include gas. Last year we spent nearly $9,000.

I recently wrote an article for the website Coachhub.com called How to Save Money on Youth Sports. I also found an article on the called The Most Economical Sports for Kids on the Financial Edge website. The article provides some perspective on youth sports cost.

Hopefully these resources can help you plan your budget and show you ways to save money.

The Main Point

You may think that the amount of money we spend on youth sports is ridiculous, but that is how we chose to spend our discretionary money.  Some families spend money on a boat or vacation home. I would love to have a vacation home, but we prioritize our time and money on youth sports.


  1. Awesome post. Thanks so much for the handy tips and info. I completely agree that sports and activities are so important for children and youth, and it's especially helpful when the entire family makes it a priority, it makes everyone a part of it. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. I am trying to help parents like me by providing honest content. I have learned a lot about youth sports along the way. I have made mistakes regarding youth sports. I am still making mistakes. I will continue to share.

  3. Both my daughters played club volleyball -- 11 years total between the two. It was VERY expensive. Club fees alone were $2500+ and then add trips (hotels, gas, food). Easily spent $4000-5000k per year. HOWEVER, I considered it an investment in my girls. We spent great time together and I knew where they were on the weekends. One recruited and decided not to play in college, the other is currently on scholarship at a small university. Never expect that the investment is for scholarships, you'd have more $$ if you just saved the money :) The investment is in your children.

  4. Thanks Lisa - Youth Sports is a great value for your entertainment dollar. Memories that last a lifetime - I went to the movies two weeks ago with my wife - we spent $50. I can remember what we saw. Thinking thinking. Drawing a blank.

  5. Any idea what the totals are across the US?




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